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Elliptic Spartan, Abbreviated, Abridged, Abstracted, Aposiopestic, Bell-Like, Bell-Shaped, Bobbed, Brief, Brusque, Campaniform, Campanular, Campanulate, Capsule, Capsulized, Clipped, Close, Compact, Compendious, Compressed, Concise, Condensed, Contracted, Crisp, Cropped, Curt, Curtailed, Cut, Cut Short, Digested, Docked, Elided, Ellipsoid, Elliptical, Elongated, Epigrammatic, Gnomic, Laconic, Mowed, Mown, Nipped, Oblong, Oblongated, Oblongitudinal, Parabolic, Pithy, Pointed, Pollard, Polled, Pruned, Reaped, Rectangular, Reserved, Saucer-Shaped, Sententious, Shaved, Sheared, Short, Short And Sweet, Short-Cut, Shortened, Snub, Snubbed, Succinct, Summary, Synopsized, Taciturn, Terse, Tight, To The Point, Trimmed, Truncated