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Fair Christian, Junoesque, Mardi Gras, Ok, Saturnalia, Saturnian, Acceptable, Accommodating, Adequate, Admissible, Advantageous, Affable, Affably, Agreeable, Agreeably, Alabaster, Alabastrine, Albescent, All Right, Amiable, Amiably, Amicable, Amicably, Amply Endowed, Appropriate, Apt, Attentive, Attractive, Auspicious, Auto Show, Average, Balanced, Balmy, Banquet, Bazaar, Beauteous, Beautiful, Becoming, Beneficial, Benevolent, Benign, Benignant, Better Than Nothing, Betwixt And Between, Blameless, Bleached, Blissful, Blissfully, Blond, Blooming, Blossoming, Blowout, Boat Show, Bon, Bonny, Booming, Braw, Bright, Bright And Fair, Bueno, Built, Built For Comfort, Buxom, Callipygian, Callipygous, Calm, Candid, Capital, Carnival, Charming, Chaste, Cheerful, Cheerfully, Civil, Clarion, Clean, Cleanly, Clear, Clement, Cloudless, Cogent, Comely, Commendable, Commercial Complex, Common, Compatible, Complaisant, Condign, Congenial, Considerate, Cordial, Cordially, Courteous, Cream, Creamy, Creditable, Curvaceous, Curvy, Dainty, Decent, Decipherable, Defensible, Deferential, Delicate, Deserved, Deservedly, Desirable, Detached, Dirt-Free, Disinterested, Disinterestedly, Dispassionate, Dispassionately, Do, Dry, Due, Dulcet, Dull, Duly, Dun-White, Eggshell, Elegant, Emporium, En Rapport, Enchanting, Enjoyable, Enjoyably, Equal, Equally, Equitable, Equitably, Erect, Estimable, Ethical, Even, Evenhanded, Evenly, Excellent, Exhibit, Exhibition, Expedient, Exposition, Exquisite, Exuberant, Fair And Pleasant, Fair And Square, Fair To Middling, Fairish, Fairly, Famous, Fastidious, Fat, Favorable, Favoring, Feast, Felicific, Felicitous, Festival, Festive Occasion, Festivity, Fete, Field Day, Fiesta, Fine, Fit, Flaxen-Haired, Flea Fair, Flea Market, Flourishing, Flowering, Foreseeable, Fortunate, Free, Fresh, Fruiting, Full Of Integrity, Full Of Promise, Gala, Gala Affair, Gala Day, Genial, Genially, Glaucescent, Glaucous, Goddess-Like, Going Strong, Golden, Good, Good Enough, Good-Looking, Goodish, Goodly, Graceful, Gracious, Graciously, Grand, Grateful, Gratifying, Gratifyingly, Gray-White, Great Doings, Halcyon, Handsome, Happy, Harmonious, Healthy, Heart-Warming, Helpful, High Jinks, High-Minded, High-Principled, Highly Respectable, Honest, Honeyed, Honorable, Hopeful, Immaculate, Impartial, Impartially, Impersonal, Impersonally, In Full Swing, In Good Case, In The Cards, In The Clear, Indifferent, Insipid, Intermediate, Inviolate, Irreproachable, Ivory, Ivory-White, Jamboree, Just, Justifiable, Justifiably, Justified, Justifiedly, Justly, Kermis, Kind, Kindly, Kosher, Lackluster, Laudable, Law-Abiding, Law-Loving, Law-Revering, Lawful, Legal, Legible, Legitimate, Level, Liable, Light, Light-Colored, Light-Hued, Likable, Likely, Lint-White, Lovely, Lovely To Behold, Lucky, Manly, Market, Market Overt, Marketplace, Mart, Mean, Mediocre, Medium, Meet, Meet And Right, Meetly, Mellifluous, Mellow, Merited, Middling, Mild, Moderate, Modest, Moral, Namby-Pamby, Neutral, Nice, Noble, Nonpartisan, Nonpolluted, Not Amiss, Not Bad, Not Half Bad, Not So Bad, Objective, Obliging, Odds-On, Of A Kind, Of A Sort, Of Cleanly Habits, Of Good Omen, Of Happy Portent, Of Promise, Of Sorts, Off-White, Okay, Open, Open Market, Open-Minded, Ordinary, Pale, Palmy, Party, Passable, Pastel, Pearl, Pearly, Pearly-White, Personable, Picnic, Piping, Placid, Plaza, Pleasant, Pleasantly, Pleasing, Pleasingly, Pleasurable, Pleasurably, Pleasure-Giving, Pleasureful, Pneumatic, Polite, Predictable Within Limits, Presentable, Presumptive, Pretty, Pretty Good, Principled, Probable, Profitable, Promising, Proper, Properly, Propitious, Prospering, Prosperous, Pulchritudinous, Pure, Rainless, Rational, Readable, Reasonable, Regal, Reputable, Respectable, Respectful, Rewarding, Rialto, Right, Right And Proper, Right-Minded, Righteous, Rightful, Rightfully, Rightly, Ritually Pure, Rosy, Royal, Ruddy, Sane, Satisfactory, Satisfying, Satisfyingly, Shapely, Shiny, Shopping Center, Shopping Mall, Shopping Plaza, Show, Sightly, Skillful, Sleek, Slender, Smut-Free, Smutless, So So, So-So, Solicitous, Sound, Splendid, Sportsmanlike, Sportsmanly, Spotless, Square, Stacked, Stainless, Staple, Statistically Probable, Statuesque, Sterling, Straight, Straightforward, Street Market, Sufficient, Sunny, Sunshine, Sunshiny, Sweet, Tactful, Tahar, Tawny, Tedious, Thoughtful, Thriving, Tidy, Tolerable, Trade Fair, Tranquil, True-Dealing, True-Devoted, True-Disposing, True-Souled, True-Spirited, Truehearted, Trustworthy, Tubbed, Unadulterated, Unbesmirched, Unbiased, Unblemished, Unblotted, Unclouded, Uncoded, Uncolored, Uncorrupt, Uncorrupted, Undarkened, Undazzled, Undefiled, Unenciphered, Unexceptionable, Unimpeachable, Uninfluenced, Unjaundiced, Unmuddied, Unobjectionable, Unobstructed, Unpolluted, Unprejudiced, Unprepossessed, Unsmirched, Unsmudged, Unsoiled, Unspotted, Unstained, Unsullied, Unswayed, Untainted, Untarnished, Upon Even Terms, Upright, Uprighteous, Upstanding, Urbane, Useful, Valid, Vapid, Verisimilar, Very Good, Vigorous, Virtuous, Warrantable, Warrantably, Warranted, Warrantedly, Waygoose, Wayzgoose, Welcome, Well-Built, Well-Favored, Well-Formed, Well-Made, Well-Proportioned, Well-Scrubbed, Well-Shaped, Well-Stacked, Well-Washed, White, Whitened, Whitish, Whity, Wishy-Washy, Without Distinction, Workmanlike, Worthy, Yeomanly