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Gad Ahasuerus, Ancient Mariner, Argonaut, Flying Dutchman, Goliard, Odysseus, Oisin, Ossian, Ulysses, Bat, Bat Around, Bird Of Passage, Bum, Count Ties, Divagate, Drift, Drifter, Flit, Floater, Gad About, Gadabout, Gadfly, Gallivant, Go About, Go The Rounds, Go-About, Goad, Hit The Road, Hit The Trail, Hobo, Itinerant, Jaunt, Knock About, Knock Around, Lash, Maunder, Meander, Mooch, Mover, Nomadize, Oxgoad, Peregrinate, Peregrinator, Peregrine, Pererrate, Peripatetic, Prick, Prod, Prowl, Ramble, Rambler, Range, Roam, Roamer, Rolling Stone, Rove, Rover, Rowel, Run About, Run Around, Runabout, Saunter, Spur, Sting, Straggle, Straggler, Stray, Stroll, Stroller, Strolling Player, Traipse, Tramp, Troubadour, Vagabond, Vagabondize, Visitant, Walk The Tracks, Wander, Wanderer, Wandering Minstrel, Wandering Scholar, Wayfare, Whip, Whiplash