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Inappreciable Atomic, Back-Burner, Corpuscular, Dinky, Dispensable, Embryonic, Evanescent, Germinal, Granular, Immaterial, Impalpable, Imperceptible, Imponderable, Inadequate, Inconsequential, Inconsiderable, Indiscernible, Inessential, Inferior, Infinitesimal, Insensible, Insignificant, Insufficient, Intangible, Invisible, Irrelevant, Little, Microcosmic, Microscopic, Minor, Minute, Molecular, Negligible, Nonessential, Not Vital, Petit, Scanty, Scrimpy, Skimpy, Small, Subatomic, Technical, Tenuous, Thin, Ultramicroscopic, Unapparent, Unappreciable, Unessential, Unimpressive, Unnoteworthy, Unobservable, Unperceivable, Unseeable