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Leaden Latinate, Quaker-Colored, Abeyant, Achromatic, Achromic, Acier, Anemic, Apathetic, Arid, Ashen, Ashy, Aureate, Awkward, Barren, Benumbed, Blah, Bled White, Bloodless, Bombastic, Bored, Brass, Brassy, Brazen, Bronze, Bronzy, Burdensome, Cadaverous, Canescent, Cataleptic, Catatonic, Characterless, Chloranemic, Cinereous, Cinerous, Cold, Colorless, Copper, Coppery, Cramped, Cumbrous, Cupreous, Cuprous, Dapple, Dapple-Gray, Dappled, Dappled-Gray, Dark, Dead, Deadly Pale, Deathly Pale, Debilitated, Dense, Dim, Dimmed, Dingy, Discolored, Dismal, Dopey, Dormant, Dove-Colored, Dove-Gray, Draggy, Drearisome, Dreary, Droopy, Drugged, Dry, Dryasdust, Dull, Dusty, Effete, Elephantine, Empty, Enervated, Etiolated, Exanimate, Exsanguinated, Exsanguine, Exsanguineous, Fade, Faded, Faint, Fallow, Fat, Ferrous, Ferruginous, Flat, Forced, Formal, Foul, Ghastly, Gilt, Glaucescent, Glaucous, Gloomy, Glowering, Gold, Gold-Filled, Gold-Plated, Golden, Gray, Gray-Black, Gray-Brown, Gray-Colored, Gray-Drab, Gray-Green, Gray-Spotted, Gray-Toned, Gray-White, Grayed, Grayish, Grey, Griseous, Grizzle, Grizzled, Grizzly, Groggy, Guinde, Haggard, Halting, Heavy, Heavyweight, Hebetudinous, Hefty, Ho-Hum, Hollow, Hueless, Hypochromic, In Abeyance, In Suspense, Inactive, Inane, Inanimate, Inert, Inexcitable, Inkhorn, Insipid, Iron, Iron-Gray, Ironlike, Jaded, Jejune, Labored, Lackadaisical, Lackluster, Languid, Languorous, Latent, Lead, Lead-Gray, Lethargic, Lifeless, Listless, Livid, Logy, Low-Spirited, Lowering, Lumbering, Lumpish, Lurid, Lusterless, Massive, Massy, Mat, Mealy, Mercurial, Mercurous, Moribund, Mouse-Colored, Mouse-Gray, Mousy, Muddy, Neutral, Nickel, Nickelic, Nickeline, Numb, Numbing, Onerous, Oppressive, Overweight, Pale, Pale As Death, Pale-Faced, Pallid, Passive, Pasty, Pearl, Pearl-Gray, Pearly, Pedestrian, Pewter, Pewtery, Phlegmatic, Plodding, Pointless, Poky, Pompous, Ponderous, Pooped, Quicksilver, Sad, Sallow, Sated, Sedentary, Sesquipedalian, Sickly, Silver, Silver-Gray, Silver-Plated, Silvered, Silvery, Slack, Slate-Colored, Slaty, Sleeping, Sleepy, Slow, Sluggish, Slumbering, Smoke-Gray, Smoky, Smoldering, Sober, Solemn, Somber, Somnolent, Soporific, Spiritless, Stagnant, Stagnating, Standing, Static, Steel, Steel-Gray, Steely, Sterile, Stiff, Stilted, Stodgy, Stone-Colored, Stuffy, Stultified, Sullen, Superficial, Supine, Suspended, Tallow-Faced, Tame, Tasteless, Taupe, Tedious, Tin, Tinny, Toneless, Torpid, Turgid, Unaroused, Uncolored, Unlively, Unwieldy, Vapid, Vegetable, Vegetative, Wan, Washed-Out, Waxen, Weak, Weary, Weighty, Whey-Faced, White, Wooden, World-Weary