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Leader A Per Se, Ag, Da, Kc, Kapellmeister, Mahdi, Qc, Ssc, Us Attorney, Ace, Analysis, Ancestor, Announcer, Antecedent, Article, Article Of Commerce, Article Of Merchandise, Attorney General, Avant-Garde, Band Leader, Band Major, Bandmaster, Bell Cow, Bell Mare, Bellwether, Bidet, Big Cheese, Big Wheel, Big-Timer, Bigwig, Bone Of Contention, Born Leader, Boss, Buccinator, Bushwhacker, Captain, Carriage Horse, Cart Horse, Catechism, Cavalry Horse, Chairman, Champion, Charismatic Leader, Chief, Chieftain, Choirmaster, Choragus, Civilian, Cock, Commandant, Commander, Comment, Commentary, Commentation, Commodity, Conductor, Corporation Lawyer, Coryphaeus, Court-Appointed Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Critical Review, Criticism, Critique, Cross-Interrogatory, Cross-Question, Dean, Debating Point, Defense Counsel, Demand, Dignitary, Director, District Attorney, Doyen, Doyenne, Draft Horse, Dray Horse, Driving Horse, Drug, Drum Major, Duce, Editorial, Eminence, Explorer, Feature, Feeler, File Leader, Fill Horse, Filler, Forebear, Foregoer, Foreman, Forerunner, Front Runner, Frontiersman, Fugleman, Gaffer, General, Genius, Gigster, Gloss, Groundbreaker, Guide, Hack, Hackney, Harbinger, Head, Headman, Herald, Hierarch, High Priest, Higher-Up, Honcho, Hunter, Important Person, Innovator, Inquiry, Inspired Leader, Interrogation, Interrogative, Interrogatory, Issue, Item, Jument, Junior Counsel, Kingfish, Kingpin, Laureate, Law Agent, Lead, Lead Item, Lead Runner, Leader Of Men, Leading Article, Leading Card, Leading Question, Lion, Loss Leader, Luminary, Main Feature, Manager, Master, Messenger, Messiah, Moot Point, Mount, Mouthpiece, Nonpareil, Notability, Notice, Number One, Orchestra Leader, Pacemaker, Pacesetter, Pack Horse, Palfrey, Paragon, Pathfinder, Personage, Pilot, Pioneer, Plow Horse, Point, Point At Issue, Point In Question, Pole Horse, Polo Pony, Post-Horse, Precedent, Precentor, Precursor, Predecessor, Principal, Private Attorney, Problem, Prodigy, Product, Prosecuting Attorney, Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor, Publicist, Query, Question, Question At Issue, Question Mark, Quodlibet, Rector, Remark, Remount, Report, Review, Rider, Riding Horse, Ringleader, Road Horse, Roadster, Rouncy, Ruler, Running Commentary, Saddle Horse, Saddler, Scout, Seconds, Senior, Shaft Horse, Silk, Silk Gown, Solicitor General, Special, Special Pleader, Stalking-Horse, Standard Article, Standard-Bearer, Staple, Staple Item, Star, Stormy Petrel, Straw Boss, Stuff Gown, Stuff-Gownsman, Sumpter, Sumpter Horse, Superintendent, Superior, Superman, Superstar, Symphonic Conductor, The Greatest, The Most, Thill Horse, Thiller, Top Dog, Topic, Torchbearer, Trailblazer, Trailbreaker, Trial Balloon, Vanguard, Vaunt-Courier, Vendible, Vexed Question, Virtuoso, Voortrekker, Ware, Wheeler, Wheelhorse, Workhorse, Write-Up