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Regretful Apologetic, Ashamed, Baffled, Balked, Betrayed, Bilked, Blasted, Blighted, Chapfallen, Conscience-Smitten, Conscience-Stricken, Contrite, Crestfallen, Crossed, Crushed, Dashed, Defeated, Disappointed, Dished, Disillusioned, Dissatisfied, Foiled, Frustrated, Full Of Remorse, Guilty, Ill Done-By, Ill-Served, Let Down, Mournful, Out Of Countenance, Penitent, Remorseful, Repentant, Repining, Rueful, Sad, Self-Accusing, Self-Condemning, Self-Convicting, Self-Debasing, Self-Flagellating, Self-Humiliating, Self-Punishing, Self-Reproaching, Shamefaced, Shamefast, Shameful, Sorely Disappointed, Sorrowful, Sorry, Soured, Thwarted, Unhappy About, Wistful