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Tame Abate, Abeyant, Acclimate, Acclimatize, Accommodate, Accustom, Adapt, Adjust, Allay, Alleviate, Amenable, Apathetic, Assuage, Attemper, Bank The Fire, Bed, Bed Down, Biddable, Bland, Blunt, Boring, Break, Break In, Break To Harness, Bridle, Broken, Brush, Bust, Busted, Calm, Case Harden, Cataleptic, Catatonic, Chasten, Chastened, Compliant, Condition, Confirm, Constrain, Control, Cowardly, Curb, Curry, Currycomb, Damp, Dampen, De-Emphasize, Dead, Deaden, Diminish, Disciplined, Docile, Domestic, Domesticate, Domesticated, Domesticize, Domiciliate, Dopey, Dormant, Dovelike, Downplay, Drench, Dull, Establish, Extenuate, Familiarize, Fearless, Feeble, Feed, Fix, Flat, Fodder, Foul, Gentle, Groggy, Groom, Habituate, Handle, Harden, Harness, Heavy, Hitch, House-Train, Housebreak, Housebroken, Humble, Humdrum, In Abeyance, In Suspense, Inactive, Ineffectual, Inert, Insipid, Inure, Judicious, Keep Within Bounds, Lamblike, Languid, Languorous, Latent, Lay, Leaden, Lenify, Lessen, Lifeless, Lighten, Lily-Livered, Litter, Logy, Manage, Master, Meek, Mild, Mild As Milk, Milk, Mitigate, Moderate, Modulate, Mollify, Mute, Naturalize, Nonviolent, Obedient, Obtund, Ordinary, Orient, Orientate, Pacific, Pacifistic, Pacify, Palliate, Passive, Peaceable, Peaceful, Phlegmatic, Play Down, Pliable, Pliant, Prosaic, Prudent, Pusillanimous, Quiet, Reduce, Reduce The Temperature, Restrain, Rub Down, Run-Of-The-Mill, Saddle, Season, Sedentary, Slack, Slacken, Sleeping, Slow Down, Sluggish, Slumbering, Smoldering, Smother, Sober, Sober Down, Soft, Soften, Stagnant, Standing, Static, Stifle, Subdue, Subdued, Subjugate, Submissive, Suppress, Suppressed, Suspended, Tamed, Tedious, Temper, Temperate, Tend, Timid, Timorous, Tiresome, Tone Down, Torpid, Tractable, Train, Trained, Tune Down, Unafraid, Unaroused, Unassertive, Underplay, Unexciting, Uninspired, Uninteresting, Vapid, Water, Weaken, White-Livered, Wishy-Washy, Wont, Yellow, Yoke