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Topless Olympian, Aerial, Airy, Altitudinous, Ascending, Aspiring, Bare-Ankled, Bare-Armed, Bare-Backed, Bare-Breasted, Bare-Chested, Bare-Handed, Bare-Headed, Bare-Legged, Bare-Necked, Clothesless, Colossal, Crownless, Decollete, Disrobed, Dominating, Elevated, Eminent, En Deshabille, Ethereal, Exalted, Garbless, Garmentless, Half-Clothed, Haughty, Headless, High, High-Pitched, High-Reaching, High-Set, High-Up, In Dishabille, Lofty, Low-Cut, Monumental, Mounting, Nudish, Outtopping, Overlooking, Overtopping, Prominent, Raimentless, Skyscraping, Soaring, Spiring, Steep, Strapless, Sublime, Superlative, Supernal, Toplofty, Topping, Towering, Towery, Unattired, Uncased, Unclad, Unclothed, Undraped, Undressed, Ungarbed, Ungarmented, Unrobed, Uplifted, Upreared