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Transgression Atrocity, Bad Faith, Breach, Breach Of Contract, Breach Of Faith, Breach Of Law, Breach Of Privilege, Breach Of Promise, Breach Of Trust, Breaking, Civil Disobedience, Contravention, Crime, Crime Against Humanity, Deadly Sin, Delinquency, Dereliction, Disobedience, Encroachment, Enormity, Erring, Error, Evil, Failure, Fall From Grace, Fault, Felony, Frowardness, Genocide, Guilty Act, Heavy Sin, Impropriety, Incursion, Indiscipline, Indiscretion, Indocility, Inexpiable Sin, Infraction, Infringement, Iniquity, Injury, Injustice, Inroad, Insubordination, Intractability, Intrusion, Lapse, Lawbreaking, Lawlessness, Malefaction, Malfeasance, Malum, Minor Wrong, Misbehavior, Misdeed, Misdemeanor, Misfeasance, Mortal Sin, Naughtiness, Noncompliance, Nonconformity, Noncooperation, Nonfeasance, Nonobedience, Offense, Omission, Outrage, Overstepping, Passive Resistance, Peccadillo, Peccancy, Recusancy, Sin, Sin Of Commission, Sin Of Omission, Sinful Act, Slip, Tort, Trespass, Trespassing, Trip, Uncooperativeness, Unduteousness, Undutifulness, Unsubmissiveness, Unutterable Sin, Usurpation, Venial Sin, Violation, Violation Of Law, Waywardness, Willful Disobedience, Wrong, Wrongdoing