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Trot Alliteration, Amble, Amplification, Assonance, Bag, Bat, Beldam, Biddy, Bilingual Text, Bound, Bring Out, Burst, Burst Of Speed, Bustle, Canter, Caracole, Chime, Clavis, Come Out With, Crib, Crone, Curvet, Dame, Dash, Dead Run, Decipherment, Decoding, Dingdong, Display, Dogtrot, Dowager, Drab, Drag, Drag Out, Dredge Up, Drone, Droop, Exhibit, Faithful Translation, Flank Speed, Flat-Out Speed, Flaunt, Flounce, Forced Draft, Fox-Trot, Free Translation, Frisk, Frump, Full Gallop, Gait, Gallop, Get, Git, Gloss, Glossary, Go On Horseback, Grandam, Grandmother, Granny, Hack, Hag, Hand Gallop, Harping, Hasten, Headlong Rush, Heavy Right Foot, High Lope, Hightail, Hitch, Hobble, Hop, Hop Along, Horse, Hotfoot, Humdrum, Hurry, Hustle, Interlinear, Interlinear Translation, Interpretation, Jingle, Jingle-Jangle, Jog, Jog Trot, Key, Leap, Limp, Lock Step, Loose Translation, Lope, Lurch, Make Tracks, Maximum Speed, Metaphrase, Mince, Mincing Steps, Monotone, Monotony, Mount, Near Rhyme, Old Battle-Ax, Old Dame, Old Girl, Old Granny, Old Lady, Old Trot, Old Wife, Old Woman, Open Throttle, Pace, Paddle, Paraphrase, Piaffe, Piaffer, Pitter-Patter, Plunge, Pony, Prance, Race, Rack, Recite, Repeat, Repeated Sounds, Repetitiousness, Repetitiveness, Restatement, Rewording, Rhyme, Ride Bareback, Ride Hard, Roll, Run, Rush, Saunter, Scamper, Scoot, Scud, Scurry, Scuttle, Shamble, Show, Shuffle, Sidle, Single-Foot, Singsong, Skedaddle, Slant Rhyme, Slink, Slither, Slouch, Slowness, Spring, Sprint, Spurt, Stagger, Stale Repetition, Stalk, Step, Step Along, Step Lively, Stride, Stroll, Strolling Gait, Strut, Swagger, Swing, Take Horse, Tedium, Tittup, Toddle, Totter, Transcription, Translation, Transliteration, Tread, Trip, Trot Out, Unnecessary Repetition, Velocity, Waddle, Walk, War-Horse, Wide-Open Speed, Witch