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Witness Tv-Viewer, Accessory, Acknowledge, Admission, Adviser, Affidavit, Affirm, Affirmation, Allegation, Allege, Announce, Announcer, Annunciator, Appear, Argue, Assertion, Asseverate, Asseveration, Assister, Attend, Attest, Attestant, Attestation, Attestator, Attester, Authority, Authorization, Aver, Averment, Avouch, Avouchment, Avow, Avowal, Be At, Be Present At, Bear Witness, Behold, Beholder, Bespeak, Betoken, Bill Of Health, Bird-Watcher, Bystander, Catch, Catch Sight Of, Certificate, Certificate Of Proficiency, Certification, Certify, Channel, Clap Eyes On, Cojuror, Come To, Communicant, Communicator, Compurgation, Compurgator, Confirmation, Credential, Declaration, Defendant, Depone, Deponent, Depose, Deposition, Descry, Diploma, Discern, Disclose, Disclosure, Discover, Distinguish, Do, Drugstore Cowboy, Earwitness, Endorse, Enlightener, Espy, Evidence, Examinant, Examinate, Examinee, Expert Witness, Eyewitness, Gaper, Gazer, Gazer-On, Girl-Watcher, Give Evidence, Glimpse, Go To, Goggler, Gossipmonger, Grapevine, Have In Sight, Informant, Information Center, Information Medium, Informer, Instrument In Proof, Interviewee, Ken, Kibitzer, Lay Eyes On, Legal Evidence, Litigant, Litigationist, Litigator, Look On, Look Upon, Looker, Looker-On, Make Out, Monitor, Mouthpiece, Navicert, Newsmonger, Notarized Statement, Note, Notice, Notifier, Observe, Observer, Ogler, Onlooker, Panel, Parties Litigant, Party, Passerby, Perceive, Perceiver, Percipient, Pick Out, Plaintiff, Press, Profession, Proof, Public Relations Officer, Publisher, Questionee, Quizzee, Radio, Recognize, Reporter, See, Seer, Sheepskin, Show Up, Sidewalk Superintendent, Sight, Sit In, Source, Spectator, Spectatress, Spectatrix, Spokesman, Spot, Spy, Statement, Subject, Subscribe, Suitor, Swear, Swearer, Sworn Evidence, Sworn Statement, Sworn Testimony, Take In, Televiewer, Television, Television-Viewer, Teller, Testament, Testamur, Testifier, Testify, Testimonial, Testimonium, Testimony, Ticket, Tipster, Tout, Turn Up, Twig, Video-Gazer, View, Viewer, Visa, Vise, Visit, Vouch, Voucher, Warrant, Warranty, Watch, Watcher, Word