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Womanish Breakable, Brittle, Cheap-Jack, Chicken, Cobwebby, Crumbly, Dainty, Delicate, Delicately Weak, Distaff, Effeminate, Female, Feminine, Flimsy, Fragile, Frail, Frangible, Gentlewomanlike, Gimcrack, Gimcracky, Girlish, Gossamery, Gynecic, Gynecoid, Gynic, Jerry, Jerry-Built, Kittenish, Ladylike, Light, Lightweight, Little-Girlish, Maidenly, Matronal, Matronlike, Matronly, Muliebral, Muliebrous, Namby-Pamby, Old-Womanish, Papery, Pasteboardy, Petticoat, Prissy, Puny, Shattery, Sissified, Sissy, Sissyish, Sleazy, Slight, Soft, Tacky, Unmanly, Unsubstantial, Wispy, Womanlike, Womanly