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Yak Brahman, Indian Buffalo, Aurochs, Babble, Babblement, Bat The Breeze, Bavardage, Beat The Gums, Beef, Beef Cattle, Beeves, Bibble-Babble, Bison, Blab, Blabber, Blah-Blah, Blather, Blether, Blethers, Bossy, Bovine, Bovine Animal, Buffalo, Bull, Bullock, Cackle, Calf, Caquet, Caqueterie, Carabao, Cattle, Chat, Chatter, Chin, Chitter-Chatter, Clack, Clatter, Cow, Crack, Critter, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Cow, Dither, Dogie, Gab, Gabble, Gag, Gas, Gibber, Gibble-Gabble, Go On, Gossip, Guff, Gush, Haver, Heifer, Hornless Cow, Hot Air, Idle Talk, Jabber, Jape, Jaw, Jest, Kine, Leppy, Maverick, Mere Talk, Milch Cow, Milcher, Milk Cow, Milker, Muley Cow, Muley Head, Musk-Ox, Natter, Neat, Nonsense Talk, Ox, Oxen, Palaver, Patter, Pour Forth, Prate, Prating, Prattle, Prittle-Prattle, Quip, Ramble On, Rattle, Rattle On, Reel Off, Run On, Shoot The Breeze, Spiel, Spout, Spout Off, Steer, Stirk, Stot, Talk Away, Talk Nonsense, Talk On, Talkee-Talkee, Tittle-Tattle, Twaddle, Twattle, Waffle, Waggery, Wisecrack, Wisent, Witticism, Yakkety-Yak, Yap, Yearling, Zebu